Dial-A-Trade Thursday

Dial A Trade: Thursday, July 20, 2017

918-786-6869: Grove: Inside sale 5 miles south of Grove across from Delaware Baptist Church (4 wheeler, appliances,  and a 48” riding mower)

918-533-2527: Commerce: 2.5 lots at Sunshine Valley (down by Sycamore Valley)

620-202-1492: Baxter: 3 types of chickens $10 each

918-325-2544: Miami: Wants a 26” rear-bike rim with a socket and coaster brakes

918-314-3642: Grove: 17’ aluminum canoe with a trailer; Chevy V8 engine; 2 wheel barrows; yard tools

417-455-6458: Seneca: 8N Ford tractor with 3-point equipment; T-Posts; wants two 15” tractor tires

918-540-0207: Miami: Wants two 55-gallon drum barrels for trash

918-320-5202: Miami: Craftsman 5600 Watt 10 hp generator $250; carrying gun case for rifles

918-325-1143: Miami: Winchester pump shotgun; 5.3’ bush hog; 3 hp 22 gallon air compressor; 55 gallon burn barrels

918-533-0535: Miami: 4-bedroom house in Fairland; 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom houses for rent in Miami

918-530-7081: Chelsea: Fresh blackberries $5 quart ($20 a gallon)


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